Cranleigh Camera Club 2020 - 2021

Gannets - Mating Pair House in School Lane Big Boys Toys Colonnade - Bexhill-on-Sea Swaledale Barn Dining - Al Fresco Go Fetch Plane Food


The Covid-19 pandemic is still restricting our cam era club activities.   Fortunately, due to the initiative of some hardworking members we can continue a limited programme using ‘Zoom’.   Ironically, this is to my advantage, I’m now able to attend meetings ‘virtually’ whereas I’m unable to attend the Church Hall.



Cranleigh Camera Club 2020-2021.


Colour PDI Comp. No 1 - 8th. October 2020.


Judge:   Roy Williamson                                           Subject:    Open.


Gannet – Mating Pair                                                                        10/10

House in School Lane                                                                       10/10


Mono PDI Comp. No. 1 – 22nd October 2020.


Judge:    Peter Merry                                                   Subject:    Open


Big Boy’s Toys                                                                                     7½/10

Colonnade – Bexhill-on Sea                                                                 10/10

Colour PDI. Comp. No. 2 – 12th November 2020.


Judge:   David Smith                                           Subject:   Open & Culinary


Swaledale Barn                                                                                      8½/10

Dining – Al Fresco       (Culinary)                                                           14/15

Mono PDI Comp. No. 2 – 3rd December 2020.


Judge:  David Eastley                                             Subject: Open & Culinary.


Go Fetch                                                                                                 9½/10

Plane Food              (Culinary)                                                                 13/15