Cranleigh Camera Club 2019 - 2020

Cheetah Portrait The Long and Winding Road Red Bridle Penmon Lighthouse Night Hunter Power Souce Boulder Field - Embleton Bay Zebra crossing A Crowned Crane A pile of old stones - Whitby Des Res Lighthouse work Ebony & Ivory - Cape Town Gannet - Hovering Puffin bringing back Sandeels Stacks of Red March Past The Tree - Buttermere Climbing Gold Hill Gannet Threesome Eagle Owl - Confrontation Swan Lake The Beach Hut Orchid Display 800 Penmon Lighthouse Red Deer Hinds - Social Grooming in the rain - Glen Coe Young Fox Fire of London Winter - Langangarbh Cottage In Hindsight Just walking in the rain Snow Coach Another cold and rainy day out

Colour Print Comp. No 1 - 10th. October 2019.

Judge:    David Mendus                                           Subject:    Open.

Cheetah Portrait                                                                                   8½/10
Red Bridle                                                                                               9/10

Mono Print Comp. No. 1 - 24th. October 2019.

Judge:    Paul Graber                                            Subject:    Open

The long and winding road                                                                     9½/10
Penmon Lighthouse                                                                                10/10


PDI. Comp. No. 1 – 24th. October 2019.

Judge:    Paul Graber                                                   Subject:    Open.

Night Hunter                                                                                             8/10
Power source                                                                                         10 /10


Colour Print Comp. No 2 – 21st. November 2019.

Judge:  Darren Pullman                                              Subject: Open & Stone.

Boulder Beach – Embleton Bay          (Stone)                                    13½ /15
Zebra Crossing                                                                                      8½/10


PDI. Comp. No. 2 – 5th December 2019.

Judge: Graeme Wales                                                Subject: Open & Stone

A Crowned Crane                                                                                   9½/10
A Pile of Stones - Whitby                    (Stone)                                         15/15


Mono Print Comp. No 2 – 5th December 2019.

Judge: Graeme Wales                                                 Subject: Open & Stone

Des. Res.                           (Stone)                                                          13/15
Light house work                                                                                      8 /10

Colour Print Comp. No 3 - 16th. January 2020.

Judge:  Steve Kingswell                                                           Subject: Open.

Ebony and Ivory                                                                                        9/10
Gannet - Hovering                                                                                 9½ /10

PDI. Comp. No. 3 – 30th. January 2020.

Judge:  Simon Van-Orden                                                        Subject: Open

Puffin bringing back Sandeels                                                                  9/10
Stacks of Red                                                                                       9½ /10

Mono Print Comp. No 3 – 30th. January 2020.

Judge: Simon Van-Orden                                                          Subject: Open

March Past                                                                                             8½/10
The Tree Buttermere                                                                              10 /10

Colour Print Comp. No 4 – 20th. February 2020.

Judge: Gerald Kitiyakara.                              Subject: Chocolate Box & Open

Climbing Gold Hill                                                                                    14/15
Gannet Threesome   (Open)                                                                     9/10

Mono Print Comp. No 4 – 12th. March 2020.

Judge: Graham Johnson                              Subject: Open & Chocolate Box

Eagle Owl - Confrontation      (Open)                                                    9½ /10
Swan Lake                                                                                          14½ /15

   PDI. Comp. No 4 – 12th. March 2020.

Judge:  Graham Johnson                              Subject: Open & Chocolate Box

The Beach Hut         (Open)                                                                8½/10
Orchid Display                                                                                   13½/15  

Annual Exhibition 2020.

Normally held for one day in the Cranleigh Village Hall, but with the Coronavirus restrictions it has been cancelled.   The entries were submitted before the restrictions and they were judged by Don Morely and my successes are listed below.

I’ve tried not to double up on the thumbnails.    

Section 3. Colour Prints - Open

Eagle Owl – Confrontation                                                            HC    


Section 4. Colour Prints – Landscape.

Penmon lighthouse                                                                        1st in Class

Section 5. Colour Prints – Nature.

Red Deer Hinds – Social Grooming                                             1st in Class
Young Fox                                                                                    3rd in Class 

Section 8. PDIs – Open.

Left Behind                                                                                    1st in Class
Longstone Lighthouse                                                                   HC
Steam & Red Wheel                                                                      HC

Section 9. PDIs – Landscape.

Fire of London                                                                               1st in Class
Winter – Langangarbth Cottage                                                    3rd in Class

Section 10. PDIs – Nature.

Scottish Wildcat                                                                            2nd in Class

Section 11. PDIs – Digital Art.

In Hindsight                                                                                   3rd in Class

Best of 10s in PDIs 2020 results

Although the season finished early, the PDIs that had scored 10 during the season were sent electronically to the judge: Tony Baverstock.     My results and the judges comments are given below. The thumbnails are already on the website.

1st. in Competition     Left behind

There is perfect timing on this shot to get the jet and its smoke trail coming out of the bottom right corner with the actual jet on a third and moving into the picture and the smoke trails of the other jets not bleeding out of the picture.  Very well seen and the shutter fired at the exact perfect moment.

Highly Commended
Power Source
I like that the title highlights that there are two power sources in the image, electricity and the sun.  It is good that your exposure shows the power lines
and in a perfect world (which it is not) if the streetlights were on, it would have added to the picture showing the product of the pylon.
Fire of London

I think that the choice of composition works well with the bridge leading my eye to St Pauls in the centre but with a larger building on the right edge of the image to hold my eye into the picture.  Not sure if the sky is the one at the time as you have sunlight and shadows on the buildings and bridge coming from the sun in the West but the sky you have suits the title.


Due to the Covic-19 Virus and subsequent lock down, the programmes for all camera clubs were curtailed. In our case, because 4 of the proposed 5 internal competitions had been judged, it was decided that the scores at that stage be used to decide the seasons winners. My results are as follows:

Colour Prints 2019-20.                       Fourth place
Monochrome Prints 2019-20.            Second place
PDI 2019-20.                                         First place

At the each season there is a “Chairman’s Challenge” competition which is usually in colour prints and PDI.      Again it was decided that the competition would be in PDI only thus complying with the isolation rules.     I entered the required three PDI with the following results:

Just walking in the rain.                                         First place
Snow coach                                                             Also ran
Another cold and rainy day outing.                       Also ran

The season ended in a “whimper”.     Let’s hope for better luck with 2020-21.