Cranleigh Camera Club 2018 - 2019

Boat with seagull Gannet collecting grass Lighthouse  - Orford Ness The Evacuee Steam & red wheel Scarlet Ibis Preening Windmill - Woodchurch Floating Asset The Post Box Snail on meadow grass Drinking at the water hole Corfe Castle House in School Lane Over the wall Safe in Staithes Harbour Southern Ground Hornbill Castle Stalker St. Leonards Tower Cat Bells Houses on the beach - Bridport CAT Boots On stand down - for the moment. Scottish Wildcat All tied up Light house work No. 22 Bexhill-on-Sea The long and winding road Boules Dress Sword Eyes Front On the banks of Loch Lomond Sunset - Calais Arctic Tern - Diving Bald Eagle - Profile Cheetah - Start of the chase Gannet - Nest building Gannet - Gliding Thames Panorama with St. Pauls Zebra Crossing Cafe Society Halfway into the light RM 8 Glen Coe Pyrenean Mountain Hut Robin Hood Bay Chimpanzee Egret in flight Fox Puffin - Bringing back Sandeels Go fetch Mitchell Night Bomber Night Hunter The Red Arrows Bird profiles Elephant meeting place Best in Exhibition - Photo. by Ann Smith Curiosity Red Deer Stag - In profile African Fish Eagle landing Male Greater Spotted Woodpecker Cheetah - The start of the chase Water Buffalo with Red Billed Oxpeckers Lindisfarne Castle Lone Yacht Eagle Owl - Confrontation Red bridle Tulip with fly

Cranleigh Camera Club 2018-2019.

Colour Print Comp. No 1 - 11th. October 2018.

Judge:    David Smith                                                       Subject:    Open.

Boat with Seagull                                                                             10 /10
Gannet collecting grass                                                                      9/10

Mono Print Comp. No. 1 - 25th. October 2018.

Judge:    Roy Williamson                                            Subject:    Open

Lighthouse – Orford Ness                                                               10 /10
The Evacuee                                                                                  8½ /10


PDI. Comp. No. 1 - 25th. October 2018.

Judge:    Roy Williamson                                            Subject:    Open.

Steam & Red Wheel                                                                       8½ /10
Scarlet Ibis - preening                                                                      10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 2 - 15th. November 2018.

Judge:  Rob Bonfield                                                   Subject: Reflections.

Windmill - Woodchurch (Open)                                                         10/10
Floating Asset                                                                                 13½/15


PDI. Comp. No. 2 – 29th. November 2018.

Judge: David Mendus                                                 Subject: Reflections.

Red Post Box                                                                                 14½//15
Snail on Meadow Grass  (Open)                                                      8½//10


Mono Print Comp. No 2 – 29th. November 2018.

Judge: David Mendus                                                  Subject: Reflections.

Drinking at the Waterhole                                                                 13½/15
Corfe Castle  (Open)                                                                           10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 3 - 24th. January 2019.

Judge:  Graham Johnson                                                     Subject: Open.

House in School Lane                                                                       9½/10
Over the Wall                                                                                     10/10


PDI. Comp. No. 3 – 7th. February 2019.

Judge: Ken Scott.                                                                  Subject: Open.

Safe in Staithes Harbour                                                                    8½/10
Southern Ground Hornbill                                                                   9½/10


Mono Print Comp. No 3 – 7th. February 2019.

Judge: Ken Scott.                                                                   Subject: Open

Castle Stalker                                                                                      8½/10
St. Leonard’s Tower                                                                               8/10


Colour Print Comp. No 4 – 21st. February 2019.

Judge: John Warren.                                        Subject: Title with ‘cat’ in it.

Houses on the Beach - Bridport.                                          (Open)     10/10
Cat Bells – Derwent Water.                                                                  15/15


Mono Print Comp. No 4 – 14th. March 2019.

Judge: David Eastly                                        Subject: Title with ‘cat’ in it.

CAT Boots                                                                                        13½/15
On stand down for the moment.     (Open)                                            8/10


   PDI. Comp. No 4 – 14th. March 2019.

Judge: David Eastly                                        Subject: Title with ‘cat’ in it.

 Scottish Wildcat.                                                                                 15/15
All tied up   (Open)                                                                                8/10


Annual Exhibition 2019.


Held for one day in the Cranleigh Village Hall, this year 23rd. March 2019.

Member are invited to submit images, and all of these are hung or projected.    The images are allocated in sections and awards are given to each of these sections.    The judge for this year was:   David Mendus

The images I submitted, together with any awards are listed below, I’ve tried not to double up on the thumbnails.


Section 1. Monochrome Prints – Open.
Lighthouse work
No. 22

Section 2. Monochrome Prints – Landscape.
Bexhill-on-Sea                                                                  Highly Commended
The Long and Winding Road                                            Highly Commended

Section 3. Colour Prints - Open.
Dress Sword
Eyes Front
Floating Asset

Section 4. Colour Prints – Landscape.
On the banks of Loch Lomond                                    SECOND IN SECTION
Over the wall                                                                FIRST IN SECTION
Safe in Staithes Harbour
Sunset Calais

Section 5. Colour Prints – Nature.
Arctic Tern – Diving                                                       FIRST IN SECTION
Bald Eagle profile
Cheetah – The start of the chase
Gannet – Nest building                                                     Highly Commended

Section 6. Mono/Colour Prints – Digital Art.
Boat with Seagull                                                              Highly Commended
Gannet – Hovering
Thames Panorama with St. Pauls
Zebra Crossing                                                                 Highly Commended

Section 8. PDIs – Open.
All tied up
Café Society
Halfway into the light
RM 8

Section 9. PDIs – Landscape.
Cat Bells                                                                         FIRST IN SECTION
                                                                                      BEST IN EXHIBITION
Glen Coe
Pyrenean Mountain Hut                                                    Highly Commended
Robin Hood Bay

Section 10. PDIs – Nature.
Egret in flight
Puffin bringing back Sandeels                                          FIRST IN SECTION

Section 11. PDIs – Digital Art.
Go fetch                                                                            FIRST IN CLASS
Mitchell Night Bomber
Night Hunter                                                                     Highly Commended
The Red Arrows.                                                              Highly Commended

Section 12. PDIs – Panel.
Birds in Profile
Elephants meeting place


Colour Print Comp. No 5 – 11th. April 2019

Judge: Rob Bonfield.                                                                 Subject: Open

Curiosity.                                                                                                    8/10
Red Deer Stag Profile – Glen Coe.                                                         10/10


Last of the 5 colour print competitions.  Aggregate score:  105  FIRST Place.


Reg Mullard’s Nature Competition – 25th. April 2019.

Judge: David Smith

African Fish Eagle landing.                                                                 Also ran
Male Greater Spotted Woodpecker.                                                 SECOND

Cheetah – Start of the chase.                                                             Also ran
Water Buffalo with Red Billed Oxpeckers.                           FIRST in Prints &
                                                                                             SECOND Overall


Mono Print Comp. No 5 – 2nd. May 2019.

Judge: Keith Newton                                                          Subject: Open

Lindisfarne Castle                                                                                 8½/10
Lone Yacht                                                                                               9/10


Last of the 5 Mono. print competitions.  Aggregate score:  97.5 THIRD Place


PDI. Comp. No 5 – 2nd.  May 2019.

I slipped up on this competition………..I was in the lead but forgot to send my last two entries in!
I’ll use them in the first competition next season.


Best Image of the Year Final – 19th. May 2019.

Judge: Tony Baverstock                                                          Subject: Open


Arctic Tern – Diving                                                                             THIRD
Boat with Seagull                                                             Highly Commended



Puffin bringing back Sandeels                                                              THIRD
Cat Bells                                                                           Highly Commended
Scottish Wildcat                                                                Highly Commended

Thumbnails for these images are already on the web page.


Chairman’s Challenge Competition – 30th. May 2019

Judge: Ann Smith                                                                Subject: Close up


Eagle Owl – Confrontation                                                                SECOND
Red Bridle                                                         Also ran but held back initially
Tulip with fly.                                                                                       Also ran


Another season come and gone.   Because of my lack of mobility, I was unable to attend the meetings.    My grateful thanks to fellow member, John Warbrick, who collected all my prints and submitted them for me.    He also recorded and informed me of the judge’s comments on each image.     Without his help I would have been unable to participate in the print competitions.    Thanks again John, you’re one of the best!