Cranleigh Camera Club 2017 - 2018

Tree - Wensleydale. The Surgery - Portwenn. The Tree - Buttermere This Old House Scallywag - Alnmouth Old Coastguard Cottages - Cuckmere Haven The Ship Inn - Saltburn One Giant Step Hit or Miss Not maintained Dressage Training The Jetty - Derwent House Moored in the Mist Norfolk Windmill Stag with Hinds St, Thomas a Becket Church - Fairfield Bexhill-on- Sea Night Owl Watching the sun go down Thanes Panorama with St. Pauls The long and winding road No. 22 On a beautiful pea green boat Catch us if you can Lighthouse - Orford Ness Fox Windmill - Woodchurch Blackrock Cottage - Rannoch Moor Old Magpie Lead Mine The Jetty - Derwent House The Tree - Buttermere Eagle Owl - Flying low Norfolk Windmill The Meeting Place The Ship Inn - Saltburn Bridge over the River Coe Buachaille Etive Mor Seven Sisters The Lone Sycamore African Fish Eagle Landing African Water Buffalow with Red Billed Oxpeckers Gannets - Aggression Stag at Bay Colonnade - Bexhill-on-Sea Four or Out House in School Lane St. Pauls Autumn - Loch Achtriochtan Going Fishing Lady Hill - Wensleydale The Ings from Friars Crag Gannet - For the nest Red Deer Family Red Kite - Watching Young Fallow Deer Red Kite - Soaring Blue Beach Huts Houses on the Beach Angry Leopard Lone Walker Spot the Ball and the Tee What do we do now chaps

Cranleigh Camera Club 2017-2018.


Colour Print Comp. No 1 - 5th. October 2017.

Judge:    Mike Dale                                                                Subject:    Open.

Tree – Wensleydale.                                                                              9½/10
The Surgery – Portwenn.                                                                       9½/10


Mono Print Comp. No. 1 - 26th. October 2017.

Judge:    Paul Graber                                                             Subject:    Open

The Tree – Buttermere                                                                           9½/10
This Old House                                                                                         8/10


PDI. Comp. No. 1 - 26th. October 2017.

Judge:    Paul Graber                                                            Subject:    Open.

Scallywag - Alnmouth.                                                                               8/10
Old Coastguard Cottages – Cuckmere Haven.                                       10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 2 - 9th. November 2017.

Judge:  Roy Williamson                                     Subject: Sense of movement.

The Ship Inn - Saltburn      (Open)                                                         10/10
One Giant Step.                                                                                      11/15


PDI. Comp. No. 2 – 23rd. November 2017.

Judge: Graeme Wales                                       Subject: Sense of Movement

Hit or Miss                                                                                               15/15
Not Maintained.      (Open)                                                                      8½10


Mono Print Comp. No 2 - 23rd. November 2017.

Judge: Graeme Wales                                       Subject: Sense of Movement

Dressage Training.                                                                                 11/15
The Jetty – Derwent House      (Open)                                                  8½/10


Colour Print Comp. No 3 - 18th. January 2018.

Judge:  Rachael Talibart                                                          Subject: Open.

Moored in the Mist                                                                                   9/10
Norfolk Windmill                                                                                    10 /10


PDI. Comp. No. 3 – 1st. February 2018.

Judge: David Eastly.                                                                Subject: Open

Stag with Hinds                                                                                       9/10
St Thomas a Becket Church - Fairfield                                                7½/10


Mono Print Comp. No 3 – 1st. February 2018.

Judge: David Eastly.                                                                 Subject: Open

Bexhill-on-Sea                                                                                       8½/10
Night Owl                                                                                                10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 4 – 22nd. February 2018.

Judge: Steve Kingswell.                                              Subject: Solitude

Thames Panorama with St. Paul’s (Open)                                             9½/10
Watching the Sun go down (7½ for image 3 for Solitude)                   10½/15


Mono Print Comp. No 4 – 22nd. March 2018.

Judge: David Harford                                                      Subject: Solitude

The Long and Winding Road                                                                  10/15
No. 22 (Open)                                                                                         10/10

   PDI. Comp. No 4 – 22nd. March 2018.

Judge: David Harford                                                      Subject: Solitude

 On a Beautiful Pea Green Boat                                                          13½/15
 Catch us if you can (Open)                                                                    10/10


Annual Exhibition 2018.

Held for one day in the Cranleigh Village Hall, this year 7th. April 2018

Member are invited to submit images, and all of these are hung or projected.    The images are allocated in sections and awards are given to each of these sections.    The judge for this year was:   David Smith.

The images I submitted, together with any awards are listed below.     Some of the submissions are already included in the gallery but I have added their thumbnails again.


Section 1. Monochrome Prints – Open.

Night Owl
Lighthouse – Orford Ness
Windmill – Woodchurch                                              SECOND IN CLASS


Section 2. Monochrome Prints – Landscape.

Blackrock Cottage – Rannoch Moor
Old Magpie Lead Mine
The Jetty – Derwent House
The Tree - Buttermere


Section 3. Colour Prints - Open.

Eagle Owl flying low                                                   HIGHLY COMMENDED
Norfolk Windmill
The Meeting Place
The Ship Inn – Saltburn                                             SECOND IN CLASS


Section 4. Colour Prints – Landscape.

Bridge over the River Coe
Buachaille Etive Mor
Seven Sisters
The Lone Sycamore                                                  HIGHLY COMMENDED


Section 5. Colour Prints – Nature.

African Fish Eagle Landing
Water Buffalo with Red Billed Oxpeckers
Gannets – Aggression
Stag at Bay (2 awards)                                              FIRST IN CLASS
                                                                                   BEST IN EXHIBITION


Section 7. PDIs – Open.

Colonnade – Bexhill-on-Sea
Four or Out? (Hit or Miss?)
House in School Lane                                                SECOND IN CLASS
St. Paul’s                                                                    FIRST IN CLASS


Section 8. PDIs – Landscape.

Autumn – Loch Achtriochtan                                      FIRST IN CLASS
Lady Hill – Wensleydale
Going Fishing                                                             SECOND IN CLASS
The Ings from Friar’s Crag                                         HIGHLY COMMENDED


Section 9. PDIs – Nature.

Gannet – For the nest                                                HIGHLY COMMENDED
Red Deer Family                                                        HIGHLY COMMENDED
Red Kite – Watching
Young Fallow Deer


Reg Mullard’s Nature Competition – 12th. April 2018.

Judge: Graham Johnson

Angry Leopard                                                                         FIRST PLACE
Red Kite – Soaring                                                                  Also ran


Outside Events Competition – 26th April 2018

Judge: Dave Brooker

Blue Beach Huts                                                                      Also ran
Houses on the Beach                                                              Also ran


PDI. Comp. No 5 – 3rd. May 2018.

Judge: Gerald Kitiakaara                                                                     Subject: Open

Angry Leopard                                                                                       10/10
Lone Walker                                                                                           10/10


Gaining full marks in this round of the competition gave me the highest total score for PDIs this season.


Chairman’s Challenge Competition –10th. May 2018

Judge: Ann Smith                                                                      Subject: Sport

Spot the Ball and Tee.                                                                 Commended
What do we do now chaps?                                                        Commended


Best Image of the Year Final – 17th. May 2018.

Judge: Tony Baverstock      Subject: Open

Colour Prints.
Stag at Bay.                                                  Held back – Highly Commended
The Ship Inn – Saltburn                                                                      Also ran
Norfolk Windmill                                                                 Held back - THIRD

Night Owl.                                                                                           Also ran
No. 22.                                                                          Held back – No award

Catch us if you can                                                           Held back – THIRD
Autumn – Loch Achtriochtan                        Held back – Highly Commended
Angry Leopard.                                             Held back – Highly Commended
Hit or Miss                                                     Held back – Highly Commended
St. Pauls                                                       Held back – No award
Old Coastguard Cottages – Cuckmere Haven.                                  Also ran

Thumbnails for these images are already on the web page.