Cranleigh Camera Club 2016 - 2017

Gannet - New arrival Pyrford Marina Remembering. High Water. Barn in Swaledale. Gannets - For the nest. Offers invited. Barn and Tractor Lean-to. Derelict snow fencing - Dent. Two Gannets Des. Res. These boots are made for WORKING. Greylag Goose with reeds. Terraced Houses. Sunset with Giraffe. Yorkshire Landscpe. Black Rock Cottage - Glen Coe 2. Elephants Greeting. Gannet - Bempton Cliffs. Highland Cottage. Owl in flight. Sunrise on the 13th. tee. Snowy Owl. Lady Hill - Wensleydale. Off on his travels Wensleydale Barn Gannets - The intruder Grey Heron - Just landed Red Deer Stag - Out in the rain Eagle Owl landing Female Ostrich Portrait Gannets - The Intruder Longstone Lighthouse The Lion King Black Rock Cottage Tree - Wensleydale Bedtime Reading Loch Ba - Rannoch Moor Yorkshire Landscape The Dawning of Education G I Jive Bonfire Night

Cranleigh Camera Club 2016-2017.

Colour Print Comp. No 1 - 6th. October 2016.

Judge:    Tim Morland                                                            Subject:    Open.


Gannets – New Arrival.                                                                         8½/10
Pyrford Marina.                                                                                        8/10

Mono Print Comp. No. 1 - 27th. October 2016.

Judge:    Martin Fairers                                            Subject:    Open.

Remembering.                                                                                          8/10
High water.                                                                                              10/10

PDI. Comp. No. 1 - 27th. October 2016.

Judge:    Martin Fairers                                            Subject:    Open.

Barn in Swaledale.                                                                                    8/10
Gannet – for the nest.                                                                             10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 2 - 10th. November 2016.

Judge:  David Smith.                                               Subject: Wrecks & Ruins.

Offers invited.                                                                                            8/10
Barn & Tractor Lean-to.  (Open)                                                             10/10


PDI. Comp. No. 2 - 24th. November 2016.

Judge: Ken Scott.                                                     Subject: Wrecks & Ruins

Derelict snow fencing – Dent.                                                                9½/10
Two Gannets.  (Open)                                                                           9½/10


Mono Print Comp. No 2 - 24th. November 2016.

Judge: Ken Scott.                                                     Subject: Wrecks & Ruins

Des. Res.                                                                                               9½/10
These boots are made for WORKING  (Open)                                         9/10


Colour Print Comp. No 3 - 19th. January 2017.

Judge:  Ian Brash.                                                                    Subject: Open.

Greylag Goose with reeds.                                                                   9½//10
Terraced Houses.                                                                                   10/10


PDI. Comp. No. 3 – 2nd. February 2017.

Judge: David Smith.                                                                  Subject: Open

Sunset with Giraffe.                                                                                   8/10
Yorkshire landscape.                                                                             8½//10


Mono Print Comp. No 3 - 2nd. February 2017.

Judge: David Smith.                                                                  Subject: Open

Black Rock Cottage – Glen Coe 2 B&W.                                                10/10
Elephants Greeting.                                                                                10/10


Colour Print Comp. No 4 – 2nd. March 2017.

Judge: Roy Williamson.                                           Subject: Selective Focus

Gannet – Bempton Cliffs.                                                                       7½/10
Highland Cottage. (Open)                                                                       10/10


Mono Print Comp. No 4 – 23rd. March 2017.

Judge: Graham Johnson                                         Subject: Selective  Focus

Owl in flight.                                                                                           8½/10
Sunrise on the 13th. Tee. (Open)                                                             8/10


   PDI. Comp. No 4 – 23rd. March 2017.

Judge: Graham Johnson                                          Subject: Selective Focus

Snowy Owl.                                                                                            10 /10
Lady Hill - Wensleydale. (Open)                                                            8½/10

 Colour Print Comp. No 5 – 6th. April 2017.

Judge: Gerald Kityakara.                                                           Subject: Open

Off on his travels.                                                                                   8½/10
Wensleydale Barn.                                                                                  10/10


Reg Mullard’s Nature Competition – 27th. April 2017.

Judge: Ron Boon

In this competition the judge has to choose a winner out of both formats.

Colour Prints
Gannets – The Intruder                                                  Commended
Grey Heron -  Just Landed                                             Short listed
Red Deer Stag – Out in the rain                                     Highly Commended  
Eagle Owl Landing                                                          Highly Commended
Female Ostrich Portrait       
Gannets – At the Nest                                                     Highly Commended

PDI. Comp. No 5 – 11th. May 2017.

Judge: Carole Speight                                                               Subject: Open

Longstone Lighthouse.                                                                              9/10
The Lion King.                                                                                        8½/10

Mono Print Comp. No 5 – 11th. May 2017.

Judge: Carole Speight                                                               Subject: Open

Unable to make the meeting so prints were not entered.


Best Image of the Year Final – 25th. May 2017.

Judge: Tony Baverstock                                                            Subject: Open

Colour Prints.
Barn and Tractor Lean-to                                                 Highly Commended
Highland Cottage                                                              Also ran
Terraced Houses                                                              Also ran
Wensleydale Barn                                                             Also ran

Black Rock Cottage – Glen Coe                                       FIRST
Elephants Greeting                                                           Highly Commended
High Water                                                                         Also ran

Gannets - for the nest                                                       FIRST
Snowy Owl                                                                        Highly Commended

Chairman’s Challenge Competition – 1st. June 2017

Judge: Miles Thompson.                                                    Subject: After Dark
Colour Print

Bonfire night                                                                                      Also Ran


Annual Exhibition 2017.


Held for one day in the Cranleigh Village Hall, this year on 1st. April 2017.

Member are invited to submit images and all of this are hung or projected.    The images are allocated in sections and awards are given to each of these sections.    The judge for this year was:   Darren Pullman.

The images I submitted, together with any awards are listed below.     Some of the submissions are not included in the gallery so I have added their thumbnails at the end.

Section 1. Monochrome Prints – Open.

High Water.
Elephants Greeting
Remembering.                                                                                3rd. Place.
These Boots are made for “Working”.


Section 2. Monochrome Prints – Landscape.

Des. Res.
Winter – Malhamdale.


Section 3. Colour Prints - Open.

Barn & Tractor Lean-To.
Black Rock Cottage – Glen Coe.
Greylag Goose with reeds.
Terraced Houses.                                                                           1st. Place.


Section 4. Colour Prints – Landscape.

Offers Invited.
Pyrford Marina.
Tree – Wensleydale.                                                     Highly Commended.


Section 5. Colour Prints – Nature.

Gannets – The New Arrival.                                                          2nd. Place.
Red Deer Stag in the Rain.


Section 6. Prints – Digital Art.

Bedtime Reading.                                                                           3rd. Place.


Section 7. PDIs – Open.

Derelict Snow Fencing – Dent.
Sunset with Giraffe.


Section 8. PDIs – Landscape.

Barn in Swaledale.
Loch Ba – Rannoch Moor.                                                             3rd. Place.
Yorkshire Landscape.


Section 9. PDIs – Nature.

Gannet – For the Nest.                                                                   1st. Place.
The Lion King.
Two Gannets.


Section 10. PDIs – Digital Art.

The Dawn of Education.                                                                 1st. Place.


Section 11. PDIs – Panel.

G. I. Jive.                                                                                       2nd. Place.