About Swales Parry

My website hasn't been updated as much as it should have been lately.     I apologise for that.      I'm now going to try and redress this.

I'm fully established in my new home which is 60 plus miles from Tonbridge.     That can be a 2 hr. journey in the early evening traffic but after a meeting the return trip can be as little as 1 hrs.       I moved to Surrey to avoid the long journeys on the M25 to see my family, so to make a weekly trip to attend my favourite photographic club would negate the reason for moving.      But there is a compromise.      At the last TCC AGM a new "Country Membership' was approved and I meet the criteria.     That means I will still be able to participate and keep in touch with the members and only attend meetings when it is convenient to me.

I have already reported that before moving home I sold all my photographic equipment and "Gave up Photography".     But then  Mark Twain could just as easily said - "Giving up photography is the easiest thing in the world.  I know because I've done it thousands of times".       My interest in photograph has waned but I've purchased a second hand camera and I'm out and about 'taking snaps'.      That's where my enjoyment lies  - "so I'll give up photography on another day"!

Godalming Photographic Club meets within a reasonable distance from my home so, with the hope that it and it's member's can rekindle my enthusiasm, I will join them for the 2013-14 season.      Wish me luck.

New pictures will start to appear from me but I will also be making an effort to show work by other photographers.